Personal Trainer | Group Fitness | Boxing


Bryce, originally from Australia, has been personal training and leading group fitness classes since 2013.


From a young age Bryce had an interest in the fitness industry. In 2004 when he was just 10 years old, he was introduced to the world of boxing. After three years of training he had his first fight which turned out to be the first of many.


Bryce competed in over 80+ fights at the highest amateur elite level battling the top fighters from around the world.

Since then Bryce perfected his own techniques in boxing and fitness and now uses these skills to help others improve their lives through his diverse training methods. 

1 x session                                   $98

8 x Session            $688 ($86/session)

16 x Session        $1312 ($82/session)

32 x Session        $2496 ($78/session)